Progress update. Circular in Motion

While spring has officially sprung in Luxembourg and nature is beginning to ramp up productivity, the CIRCULAR Team has been bustling all winter with interviews, conferences, paper presentations, workshops, and community outreach sessions.  So, what exactly have we been up to?

Christian Schulz has been representing the project at a number of university colloquiums and workshops; most recently he presented a paper exploring the challenges for the implementation of circular economy (CE) policies at the ‘Workshop of the Green Economy Research Network: Uneven pathways towards the Green Economy’, in Norrköping, Sweden.

Gothenburg in March 2018

In her case study of Luxembourg, PHD candidate Paula Hild has been in contact with members of the automotive supply industry, the building industry, and several community initiatives in Luxembourg, expanding the projects Luxembourgish network and deepening our knowledge with industry insider perspectives.

Spearheading CIRCULAR project operations in Sweden, Post-doc researcher Rannveig Hjaltadóttir travelled to Gothenburg for an extended five-week trip to meet with industry and community actors. This was the first in a series of research trips to the Västra Götaland region, where Rannveig will continue the investigation of the day-to-day practicalities and challenges facing circular economy policies in the region.

As a sneak-peak of the next round, our team will be investigating the topics including; food cycles, repair cafés, open workshops/fab-labs, and sharing activities.

As we sign off this entry, we would like to say a big thank you to those industry professionals, researchers, and community reps that agreed to meet with us during the early stages of the project. These initial discussions are critical to our investigation and provide invaluable insight over the course of our study, so once again, thank you for your participation.