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Challenges for the Implementation of Circular Economy Policies:
Practices, Institutions and Hybrid Intersections

A Three-Year Research Project Funded by the National Research Fund Luxembourg Through CORE,
Multi-Annual Thematic Research Program

The main objective of the project is to assess the challenges and opportunities of implementing Circular Economy (CE) policies at the regional level. Following EU’s pledge for zero waste policies, many countries are currently conceiving innovative approaches to change production and consumption processes by closing loops of energy and material flows. We want to identify the current dynamics, challenges and barriers in these implementation processes by studying the role of firms, business associations, public authorities, and civil society organizations in this endeavour. Case study regions are the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Västra Götaland in Sweden. In both regions, we will inquire into the building sector, the automotive supply industry as well as into community initiatives (e.g. food cycles, repair workshops). We aim at working closely with partners in the regions both in the further conception of our research as well as in the reflection of its findings that might help to evaluate and possibly readjust related policy instruments.