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Journal Articles

Taylor Aiken, G., Schulz, C. & Schmid, B. 2020. The Community economies of Esch-sur-Alzette: Rereading the economy of Luxembourg
                    Voluntary Sector Review.     Open access
Schulz, C, Hjaltadóttir, R.H. & Hild, P. 2019. Practising Circles: Studying Institutional Change and Circular Economy Practices.
                    Journal of Cleaner Production.     Open access
Schulz, C., 2018. Postwachstum in den RaumwissenschaftenARL-Nachrichten47(4), pp.11-14.
Braun, B., Oßenbrügge, J. & Schulz, C.,2018. Environmental economic geography and environmental inequality: challenges and new research
                    prospects. Zeitschrift für Wirtschaftsgeographie, 62(2), pp. 120-134.

Other Publications

Hild, Paula. 2019. Motivations and barriers of companies for shifting towards circularity. Poster presented at the 2nd Regional Studies Association (RSA)
                    Europe Summer College on Socio-Spatial Dynamics. Cagliari, Sardinia